20.07.2021 | EURODIS honors top performers and further increases volume growth to 27 percent

EURODIS, the fast growing international network for joint transport of parcels and pallets, has awarded the prizes of its annual competitions in an online ceremony for the first time.    

The top performers in terms of operational quality, customer service and sales in 2020 were the German member trans-o-flex Express, the Italian member SDA Express Courier and the Romanian member FAN Courier Express. The award ceremony was integrated into the annual membership convention, which took place entirely online. More than 130 participants of the network, which is operating in 36 European countries, took part in order to find out about latest projects from EURODIS and its members, listen to customer voices and discuss with the Supervisory Board. According to Jens Reibold, Managing Director of EURODIS GmbH, the network outperforms the market again. “In the first half of 2021 we saw a volume increase of around 27 percent.” Compared to 2020, when EURODIS increased volumes by 15 percent, the network nearly doubled the growth rate. “The reason for this huge acceleration was the same as in 2020: growth was mainly driven by additional B2C shipments.” EURODIS customers now send every third shipment to private addresses.

Referring to the awards of the annual competition Reibold adds: “They are an important part of our quality management and moreover an ideal motivation and acknowledgement for the performance of the respective teams.” For the fifth time in a row the prize for best quality went to German EURODIS member trans-o-flex Express. The most important criteria for this quality ranking are delivery lead time, status information, data transmission and proof of delivery (POD). These key operational data are measured and analyzed daily, in order to continuously steer and improve processes.

Key criteria for the competition on best customer service, which was won by Italian SDA Express Courier, are how fast and how well members answer requests. “Customer satisfaction is our main focus and a fast and reliable customer service is key to ensure further growth in the network” Reibold adds.

In the sales competition the EURODIS members compete with proven sales concepts and success stories. This category was won by FAN Courier Express. “The idea behind is as easy as effective”, comments Reibold: “Best practice learning! Especially in a cooperative network like EURODIS you needn’t reinvent the wheel again and again. Moreover, we are prompting our members to learn from each other. We encourage them to copy the best solutions and adopt them for their country.”



German trans-o-flex won the EURODIS award for best quality for the fifth time in a row.


Number 1 in the competion customer service 2020 was the Italian EURODIS member SDA Express Courier.


Romanian EURODIS member FAN Courier Express won the competition in the category sales.