13.07.2020 | Two for Germany, one for Hungary: EURODIS members win awards for excellence

The international network for joint transport of goods in parcels and on pallets EURODIS has published the winners of their annual quality competitions.    

According to EURODIS GmbH, which is operating the network in 36 European countries, the German member trans-o-flex Express received two awards for the first time, namely for best quality and for best customer support. The Hungarian member Express One has been awarded the sales price. “These competitions are an important part of our quality management and moreover an ideal motivation and acknowledgement for the performance of the respective teams”, says Jens Reibold, Managing Director of EURODIS GmbH.

This year the price for best quality went to German EURODIS member trans-o-flex for the fourth time in a row. “For this competition we are measuring how fast our members are working and how precisely they stick to our defined operational processes”, explains Reibold. “For this competition each day we evaluate all data from pick-up to delivery.” The most important criteria for this quality ranking are shipment scans, data transmission, shipment information and proof of delivery (POD). For the competition best customer support, it is measured how fast and how well members answer requests.

“It is complex to deliver, measure and evaluate excellent quality every day, but this is the only way for a logistics service provider to be successful in the long term”, says Wolfgang P. Albeck, CEO of trans-o-flex. And he added, when Jens Reibold handed over the two winner certificates to him: “All the more we are very glad that this year we even won in two categories. This is great success for our whole team and a true proof that we are on the right track.”

Learning from the best: Copying is expressly encouraged!

The EURODIS members apply for the sales competition with proven sales concepts and success stories. “The idea behind is as easy as effective”, comments Reibold: “Best practice learning! Especially in a cooperative network like EURODIS you needn’t reinvent the wheel again and again. Moreover, we are prompting our members to learn from each other. We encourage them to copy the best solutions and adopt them for their country.”

The general base for all three awards is the performance of each member of EURODIS in 2019. This year because of the coronavirus the certificates have not been handed over as usual during the annual EURODIS network meeting. The meeting only took place online. Nevertheless, the certificates for trans-o-flex could be presented personally because both trans-o-flex and EURODIS GmbH are headquartered in German Weinheim. The certificate for Express One has been shipped from Germany to Hungary via EURODIS. “We were very pleased to deliver and receive this special shipment”, says Péter Pesztericz, Managing Director of Express One. “The award shows us that in EURODIS even a member from a smaller country can make an important contribution and that our actions are important for the success of the whole network.” Each day more than 450 couriers are working for Express One and deliver about 30,000 national and international shipments. Express One has been founded in 1997 and is a member of EURODIS since 2010.

Péter Pesztericz, Managing Director of Express One, got the certificate for his company shipped through EURODIS (left). Both EURODIS and multiple price winner trans-o-flex are headquartered in German Weinheim. Therefore, trans-o-flex-CEO Wolfgang P. Albeck (on the right) has been handed over the two certificates personally by EURODIS Managing Director Jens Reibold.