03.02.2021 | EURODIS reaches record growth: 15 percent more parcels and pallets in 2020

In 2020 EURODIS, the international transport network for parcels and pallets in 36 European countries, reached a record annual growth.    

The number of transported shipments increased by 15 percent. “The Corona pandemic dominated the year 2020 and was a huge challenge. Nevertheless we were able to benefit from the increasing e-commerce business which brought large numbers of new shipments to our network” says Jens Reibold, Managing Director of EURODIS GmbH. The company based in Weinheim, Germany is steering the European network which includes members like Bonafide (Switzerland), Ciblex (France and Belgium), Österreichische Post (Austria), PostNL (Netherlands), Redur (Spain/Portugal), SDA (Italy) or trans-o-flex (Germany).

Since introducing the possibility to send 2C shipments in 2015, the formerly pure B2B-network has increased its 2C-volumes steadily and at high growth rates. “In 2020 nearly one out of three EURODIS shipments was marked as 2C”, Reibold adds.

“Personally I am very proud that our network proved to be highly reliable in these challenging times and that, in my first complete year as Managing Director, we reached unprecedented growth numbers together. A big thank you to everyone who worked to make this possible”, states the 42-years old Managing Director. “To react properly to the crisis we had daily conference calls with our members during the first lockdown phase in early 2020. This enabled us to manage the constantly changing situations in the different countries and at the borders and to act fast. I am happy that the negative impact of the pandemic on our operations was limited to single postal code areas and short periods.”

Reibold is confident that EURODIS will again deliver positive results and growth in 2021 although there are some uncertainties remaining caused by the Corona situation and the Brexit. “All shippers have to follow the new documentation-needs for shipments to and from the UK to ensure smooth processes at customs“, emphasises Reibold who’s general outlook for the year is positive: “As EURODIS proved to go smoothly through the pandemic so far, our customers are very content and together with continuously improving plans to further strengthen our network this will again lead to increasing volumes.”

Jens Reibold, Managing Director at EURODIS GmbH