13.02.2023 | EURODIS shows 60 percent growth in 2022

In 2022 EURODIS, the network for international transport of parcels and pallets in 36 European countries, has increased the number of its shipments by 60 percent.    

"This means we have achieved double-digit growth for the third consecutive year," says Jens Reibold, Managing Director of EURODIS GmbH. "The main driver of the development has again been the B2C segment. By now, more than half of the shipments in our transportation network, which in total is in the double digit millions, are sent to a private address." EURODIS had only added 2C shipments to its offering in 2015. Before that, the network entirely focused on shipments between companies (B2B).

Reibold says the outlook for the current year is also positive. "In 2023 we still expect to keep growing, but due to the general economic situation and declining consumer demand the pace will be not as high as last year. Our focus will be on further developing and enhancing our service portfolio, especially in the B2C-sector.” According to Reibold the ongoing success of EURODIS with its continuing above-average growth depends mainly on two factors. “One is reliable transport times through strong national partners and precisely defined quality standards and processes. Another factor arises from new service features leading to more visibility and transparency of each single shipment.” Examples for the latter success factor are email notifications which, beside improving transparency, increase the number of successful first delivery attempts as well as customer satisfaction. 

60 percent increase in shipments: EURODIS, the international transportation network, again grew faster than the overall market in 2022.