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About us

The EURODIS network has a strong and continuously growing footprint in Europe. This is provided through its members, who are leading players on their domestic markets. Further increasing this footprint as well as keeping and further developing the integrated quality standards, are our main objectives. It is our aim to satisfy customers with our reliable and stable performance handling their B2B as well as B2C shipments throughout Europe.

The EURODIS network is managed by EURODIS Ltd as a central system provider. Defining network standards, monitoring and developing quality standards as well as managing membersĀ“ interfaces are part of the tasks.

EURODIS in figures *

4.2 billion Euros
36 countries
Number of shipments
722,000,000 p.a.
39 gateways
700 depots

* Approximate numbers of EURODIS members in total (national / international), 2019